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The Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB 100 Mile course makes a complete loop that circumnavigates Big Bear Lake.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


161 KM

Elevation Gain

5200 M+

Start Date

Friday 11th October 2024

Race Start

The Village of Big Bear Lake - 13:00

Max Allowed Race Time

36 Hours



Course Description

Course Description

The Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB® is a dream course with a lively Start and Finish downtown in The Village of Big Bear Lake. Runners will make a complete loop to circumnavigate the entire Big Bear Valley. The first 50k concludes with a visit through the rarely crossed Siberia Canyon, followed by lots of cruisers along the north shore of Big Bear Lake, including over 20 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. The real test will come in the second half where runners cross over Deadman's Ridge and then summit Sugarloaf Mountain at nearly 10,000 ft. Finally, enjoy the cruise down Knickerbocker Road to finish downtown in the village. This is a true mountain 100-miler, with some technical footing and a lot of running above 7,000 ft.

*Courses subject to change.

Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Gear

  • Minimum water supply: 1.5-2 liters of hydration capacity
    • Runners will be required to carry 2 liters of water upon departing from the Champion, Green Valley Lake, and Sugarloaf 1 Aid stations
  • Reusable cup
  • Running pack for carrying supplies for the duration of the race
  • Mobile/Cell phone (smartphone strongly recommended)
    • Mobile/Cell phone with international roaming that works in the United States of America
  • Two (2) working headlamps with spare cells/batteries (Recommendation of 200 lumens or more for the main light. One can remain in drop bags)
  • Jacket with hood for bad weather in the mountains/course terrain
  • Hat
  • Additional nutrition recommendation: 800 kcal (2 gels + 2 energy bars)
  • Mobile/Cell phone back-up charger
  • ID – passport/ID card
  • Survival blanket of 1.40m x 2m minimum / 55 inches x 80 inches

Aid Station Chart

Coming soon!

Aid Station Chart